Relearning Culture

It is funny how easily one forgets some simple things about a culture when away. Today was my second day back in Finland and it is funny the things that I noticed about the culture that used to be my very own and that now feel oh so strange. Below is a list of 12 random observations from today about the Finns:

  1. Finns walk extremely fast on the sidewalk.
  2. There’s no word for “excuse me” in Finnish and people often come across very rude trying to get past others in the store.
  3. Finns always invest in their outer wear. A decent jacket is a must.
  4. Finns love riding their bikes.
  5. The Finnish hair is very very fine.
  6. Finns use a lot of loan words from English and make them their own by adding a Finnish pronunciation to them.
  7. You will hear lots of different languages by turning on the TV, Finnish, Finnish Swedish, Swedish, English (British and American), and German.
  8. Finns leave the office at 4 pm and balance their work-life sectors really well.
  9. The Finnish houses are so clean.
  10. Finns love eating candy, especially black licorice. There are dozens of different kinds in the store.
  11. The Finns say what they mean and mean what they say. They’re not always the most tactful or considerate but very honest.
  12. Finns are very innovative; for example,every home has a built in dish drying rack in the kitchen cupboard above the sink. Brilliant! See above.